Friday, October 30, 2009

Silent Scream


Lyndsae said...

Hi Kristina,

As I browse your blog, I understand that you are strongly anti-abortion. I wonder what you and your family are doing specifically to help solve this problem. How many children have you adpoted? How many unwed, unprepared pregnant mothers have you personally counseled and tried to help? Where do teach young people how to avoid sexual assault and rape? How much money have you donated to medical research to help prevent fatal birth defects?

I'm really interested in your answers.


Anonymous said...

Try using something that isn't riddled with an agenda and full of will get farther in your case. When investigated way back in 1985, basically it came out that the footage had been doctored in numerous ways to elicit an emotional response from viewers, most notably in changing the speed of the footage (slowing down or speeding up). The fetus footage at first is slow....but then is sped up making it seem as if the fetus is thrashing to get away....from the surgical instruments. The Narrator is making huge assumptions in his explanations. It also came out that the 12 week "fetus" was actually much older....18-20 weeks. At 12 weeks the fetus doesn't pull away due to pain...the pain receptors aren't working yet...but it pulls away from a "stimulus" much like an ameoba does when you touch it. The Ameoba isn't feeling is a "reflex." Back to the supposed fetus "At this stage of the pregnancy, the brain and nervous system are still in a very early stage of development. The beginnings of the brain stem, which includes a rudimentary thalamus and spinal cord, is being formed. Most brain cells are not developed. Without a cerebral cortex (gray matter covering the brain), pain impulses cannot be received or perceived." This video is such a well known piece of propoganda that it used in high schools and colleges around the country to study propoganda.

I am SURE that this comment won't make your board as you don't allow things contray to your belief that you can't intelligently argue.

Anonymous said...

This silent scream stuff has been pretty thoroughly debunked.

Kristina said...


I am doing some research and such to see what I can find about "The Silent Scream" video.

I do post comments that disagree with my beliefs. Most of the time I like to research and study before I post it so that I can respond to it promptly. I have so many questions at the present time that there is NO way I can do that right now. So please be patient and I will get to yours as soon as I can.